A SIMPLE checklist for your presentations and speeches

Most people in the corporate world have a general tendency to repurpose and recycle presentations.

E.g., They show Induction presentation to a Business Prospect and vice versa. Invariably, they end up giving a wrong presentation to a wrong audience. What do we call this?

Implementing Corporate Penal Code and sentencing the audience to a near-death experience.

The punishment term could be one hour or can even get extended to a full day. I am still discounting the shock the audience suffers after the CPC session.

Needless to mention, depending on the situation, it can prove to be very costly to the organization. How do we know if you have implemented CPC (Corporate Penal Code) in the past?

Well, take your last presentation deck and ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. Content presented is entirely relevant to the intended Subject or Solution (You did not give the induction presentation to a business prospect.)
  2. The content thoroughly covers listener’s Interest and context. They are interested in seeing the only point: WIIFM, What Is In It For Me.
  3. The claims you have made and items you have stated were fully Measurable and verifiable. (Eg: Did you mention abstract statements like “we have a huge list of clientele.” “We have a mass following.” We are the largest. “Our customers love us.”)
  4. Each slide has a purpose and carries a Prime takeaway.
  5. The primary objective of the presentation and the underlying message is Loud and Clear. (Eg: Stating benefits rather than features. Articulating the end state blueprint. Mentioning resource utilization like Money, People, Time, etc.,)
  6. The overall presentation is Easy on eye and brain

Finally, The presentation is SIMPLE. If you are not following SIMPLE checklist, you are making it Complex.

By now, you must have realised that the checklist mentioned above is applicable to conversation we pick up with anyone.

Note: You can also take this test online. Refer to the Resources section of this website.

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