Nutrients for your career growth and success

We are living in an era of information and knowledge. The present environment is full of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. In short, it is a VUCA world. As if the abundant Human Ignorance (HI) is not sufficient, Artificial Ignorance Intelligence (AI) is on the rise.

This is a triple whammy situation. The competition is stern and values are lower than ever. With rapid technology changes, business processes are changing fast, skills are getting obsolete faster and the talent gap rate is competing with the population growth.

In such a situation, how do you upgrade your talents and continue to stay competitive?

To be a successful leader, you need to possess 100+ skills and traits. To sustain the position, you have to give up 10% of the skills and pick up an additional 20% of skills every year.

  • How do you identify these required skills and behaviors?
  • How do you learn and retain those?
  • How do you blend them and apply them at your workplace to ensure success every day?
  • Are there any foundational competencies that enable you to navigate and empower you to attract the rest of these success ingredients?

Fortunately, The answer is Yes. There are four such foundational traits you need to acquire. These traits will help you navigate irrespective of your age, profession, and location. These are :

  1. Attitude
  2. Belief
  3. Communication Sense
  4. Discipline

These are vital vitamins for your career growth. Acquire them. Measure the adequacy and never fall short of them. Then you will never see the face of failure.


Well, the fact that you are reading this indicates an abundance of positive attitude in you. Needless to say, attitude is everything. If you change the way you think, feel and perceive a person, thing or situation, everything changes.

We may be equipped with a strong attitude, but most of the times we want to control everything we see: Children, parents, neighbors, team members and so on. Sometimes, we get over ambitious by desiring to control even the boss and spouse!

It is just that little mind in us we can control. Our mind is the only thing we need to manage in this universe. There is nothing else worth controlling. Once you start controlling your mind, your positive attitude blooms with fragrance.

Then your Attitude becomes contagious. We need to decide what we want to pass on. We need to make our choices wisely.


You are what you believe. Period. Your belief creates your vision. Vision builds meaningful goals, and goals trigger passion.

An ordinary person sees something and believes it. An extraordinary person believes something and shows it to the world. Walt Disney saw the Disney land much before it was built. Steve jobs played with iPhones much before they are produced. If you want to make a difference, you need to believe in it first.

Before you can become successful, you need to believe that you can become successful. You need to build the right beliefs and fence them with your core values. Practicing core values will protect your beliefs.

A strong belief system enables you to build your dreams. If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to build their dreams.

3.Communication Sense

Many people in this world have excellent communication skills. However, are all of them successful? Not really. People fail despite their ability to communicate. Why? They lack the essence: the communication sense.

You always need to differentiate between skill and sense. You can learn many skills, but if you lack the sense of using those, you will soon become a menace. Let’s take a few examples:

As you walk across the road, you will notice many drivers riding various vehicles. The chances are that over 99% of them hold a valid license. That means they are highly skilled in driving. However, is it sufficient? What about the other critical essentials?

  1. Civic Sense (No drink and drive, no mobile chatting, no emissions from the vehicle, no loud music, concertation on the road)
  2. Traffic sense (Following traffic rules, no honking, lane, speed, and compliance)
  3. The sense of neighbourhood (Children crossing the road, elders driving, etc. ,)
  4. A sense of the terrain, sense of direction, and many more

Making sense right? What happens when a driver with 100% skills and with a near 0% sense drives near a school zone? Is it an act of terror.

Similarly, over 30% of people in the world have excellent eating skills but very poor eating sense. Obesity rates are soaring over 35% and another 30% are in the making. So, nearly 70% of the population have only eating skills.

This number, however, is much better compared to the people who have communication sense.

Communication sense is both about communicating with inner self and external world. You need to establish a communication channel with your inner self and route all communications with the external world through this channel.


Discipline is doing what must be done, Even if you don’t want to do it.

Discipline to our mind is what Sun is to this planet. It’s free, consistent and extremely crucial. Imagine a week without sunlight. There won’t be a bigger calamity than this.

Look at discipline as a magic ingredient of life. Discipline can transform ordinary into the extraordinary.

  • Add it to talent: You get competency
  • Add it to an idea: It becomes a well-executed project. 
  • Put this in a child: You get a prodigy. 
  • Put it in an ordinary man: You get a Pro.
  • Add it to a goal: You get accomplishment. 

Similarly, Take the discipline out of any Professional. He/she becomes dull and lazy. He will languish every day and will eventually perish.

All human beings come pre-fitted with a powerful “execution engine” This engine enables us to act on something. It is the same engine that helps us drink that first drop of milk, stand on our feet, take that first step and so on. We move our body by the execution and not by an idea.

All successful people in the world grow this engine into a high power monster. All unsuccessful people make it faulty or spoil it completely. There is nothing more to differentiate. But why do these engines break down?

Multiple fuels can power our execution engines: Discipline, Motivation, Curiosity, Emotion, Passion and so on.

You will quickly notice that fuels like Motivation are not only temporary but are also costly. If your engine is running on motivation, it is on a high maintenance mode. It encounters frequent breakdowns and requires expensive fixes. Same is the case with all other fuels. They are even costlier and available in fewer quantities. Discipline is the best possible fuel that ignites and runs the execution engine in you. You can occasionally mix all these and give a nitro boost to your engine. However, if you take the discipline out, you will encounter a sudden breakdown on your race track. You won’t win the race for sure but can also get run over by your competitor using the D-Fuel.

To summarise:

  • Manage these four vitamins and you can manage the rest of the world.
  • A positive attitude is a gateway to your joy
  • Tune your belief system. The world dances to your tunes.
  • Communication sense is about connecting with your inner sense first and refining your dialogue with others
  • Discipline is the main driver of your fate
  • Remember, Dream without a plan is just a fantasy. A plan that is not executed is just a pipe dream and a disaster

Stay tuned for more information on

  • Micro and macronutrients
  • A diagnostic test to check the current levels
  • An action plan to balance and optimize them
  • A checklist to applying them at your workplace

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