When will the young parents get out of the Narcotic influence?

All of us know the current Bollywood stir on SSR and the underlying drug dealings.  NCB says that they will capture many offending celebrities. Let’s hope that they will be successful. Let the common-citizens understand the true colors of their matinee idols.  If the police and political leaders act with sincerity, the drug menace could […]

Have you read your Karmic ledger lately?

Karmic balance.  Why do people do financial planning?  People save in banks, invest in stocks, real estate, gold, etc.,  People create emergency funds, education funds and marriage funds for children, retirement funds, and so on.  They build houses, plant trees, and leave tremendous legacies.  Most of them know that they cannot fully enjoy all those. […]

Nutrients for your career growth and success

We are living in an era of information and knowledge. The present environment is full of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. In short, it is a VUCA world. As if the abundant Human Ignorance (HI) is not sufficient, Artificial Ignorance Intelligence (AI) is on the rise. This is a triple whammy situation. The competition is […]

Purpose, Posterity and Professional Alignment

How aligned is your mindset, toolset with the rest of the world? Check out. If you are between 30 and 60 years, you will be benefitted the most out of this. I am confident that you will feel the need after reading this post. There are three prime reasons: No doubt, technology is changing rapidly. […]

Of STEN guns and STEM cells

Old ways wont open new doors   No, we are not talking about military arms or genetic engineering. The subject is something much more important for our survival in a world that is going to be challenged and dominated by robots. The planet we live in today spins every day and makes a full circle […]

Talent Mining

Creativity is neither a gift that acquired by birth or a legacy that can be inherited. Creativity is not a super-specialty like Rocket Design or Neurosurgery. We have heard people say, “Born with a silver spoon in the mouth” but have we ever heard anyone say, “Born with a streak of creativity in the brain.”?

A SIMPLE checklist for your presentations and speeches

Most people in the corporate world have a general tendency to repurpose and recycle presentations. E.g., They show Induction presentation to a Business Prospect and vice versa. Invariably, they end up giving a wrong presentation to a wrong audience. What do we call this? Implementing Corporate Penal Code and sentencing the audience to a near-death experience.

Did you Create the URGE ?

Whether it is a large project or small product, you need to create an urge in the customer’s mind to gain an acceptance. Most of the gadgets we own today are the examples of the irrational urge. The same is true even for a movie, stage show or even a presentation. You need to create […]

Thought Constipation and Presentations

Thought Constipation is a #1 communication barrier at the workplace. With a little effort,  You can overcome this major problem.  Thought Constipation obstructs an easy flow of communication and can impact the effectiveness of your presentation.