The Growth Quotient

The world is changing rapidly. Most of the skillsets we use today will be irrelevant very soon. Several jobs that exist today will be extinct very soon.  Artificial intelligence-powered apps and robots will replace all of them. 

Corona pandemic has fast-tracked most of these developments. COVID is rewriting the rules of the game, and artificial intelligence is automating them.  Acute talent deficiency is another pandemic; all of us will face very soon. 

Ok. Let us park the pandemics for some time and talk about our eyesight.  Here is a quick background of the eyesight. 

The average human eyesight is around 20 by 20. People with 20 by 30 vision don’t get a  driving license in most countries. Anything around 20 by 1000 is considered total blindness. This condition is also called No Light Perception. Just for comparison, Hawks have a 20 by 2 vision. 

That’s okay! What about our mindsight? Is it 20 by 20? Is it More?  If so, is it sufficient? 

Unfortunately, the answer is “No” to all questions. 

Mindsight of an average corporate worker will be around 20 by 800. Yes. You heard it right. It is 20 by 800. It is near blindness. Like No Light Perception, this condition is called No Data Perception. People with No Data Perception, cannot comprehend what they see. Their ability to make sense from any data is almost negligible. They cannot sense even an avalanche until it fully hits them. It is called Mind Blind situation. 

If you are not sure, let us estimate the mindsight of the key functionaries in our governments. What does the corona incident tell us? We had a much better chance to detect the contagion much earlier.

Some of the world’s massive fires could have been controlled with just two mugs of water, had they been detected at the right time. Mind vision is the key to spotting opportunities and threats at the right time.

The Growth Quotient book is all about improving your mind vision.