All of us know the current Bollywood stir on SSR and the underlying drug dealings. 

NCB says that they will capture many offending celebrities. Let’s hope that they will be successful. Let the common-citizens understand the true colors of their matinee idols. 

If the police and political leaders act with sincerity, the drug menace could be controlled within the xWood industry. Good. To that extent, we can cut the terrorist funding.

But, what about the free narcotic supply within the education campuses?

Most importantly, what about the narcotic thoughts harbored by most young parents in India? 

Yes. You read it right. Millions of Indian parents run this narcotic racquet. But these narcotics are not in a powder form. They are in a perception form. All such parents are part of this community. You see them every day, and you meet them every-day. 

How do you identify them? 

Well following are some of the cues you can take.

  1. They are obsessed with the career of their school-going children.
  2. They want their pre-teenage child to master everything they could not achieve during the last 30 or 40 years.
  3. They want their children to score 200% in every subject. 
  4. They don’t want their child to speak in the mother tongue or any other Indian language.
  5. They think that medicine and engineering are the only white-collared professions on this planet.
  6. They think that their 10-year-old child should master coding (of all the things!). 

Ask any one of these narcotics controlled parents. They will tell you that coding skills help their children to solve any problem in the world. 

  1. Try to argue that teen/pre-teen children do not require coding skills, but they need to understand the culture, character, compassion, etc. 
  2. Try to convince them that their child is losing their natural curiosity, clarity, and consistency. 
  3. Try to explain to them that India has produced some of the best leaders in the world. Mothers of those leaders used a different type of mental coding?
  4. Try to impress upon them that children in western countries are learning Sanskrit, Yoga, Surya namaskar while our children are busy learning ‘coding’ and scoring 100% in every exam?

You will be instantly confronted. All your ‘antiquated’ ideas will be snubbed and thrashed. Depending on the intensity, you may even be physically attacked. Who will tell them that :

  1. Several school children have free access to porn and powder drugs in their schools? 
  2. Their children start their first rave party on their college campus? 
  3. Neither the academic scores nor the coding skills will help their children cross the colossal skill gap the world is likely to face during the next decade?

We see several ads explaining the need for coding skills for teenagers. Some people walk a few more steps and show the photos of Sunder Pichai and lure the parents that coding skills can get them CEO seats!

I am not against skill development but teenagers have several critical skills and senses to develop before starting the coding.

I was a hardcore coder for over a decade and managed over 1000 techies during the last 25 years of my career. I have not come across this magic correction between coding and problem-solving skills. In fact, it is counterproductive.

Which NCB can control this? My prayers continue.

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