Have you read your Karmic ledger lately?

Karmic balance. 

Why do people do financial planning? 

People save in banks, invest in stocks, real estate, gold, etc., 

People create emergency funds, education funds and marriage funds for children, retirement funds, and so on. 

They build houses, plant trees, and leave tremendous legacies. 

Most of them know that they cannot fully enjoy all those. Still, they do what they do. They do it for their children, spouse, or other generations. 

But seldom people worry about their next future and create a Karmic balance fund.

If we zoom out and see the big picture, we will quickly realize that we are part of something much more significant. We came into existence for a cause. There was a previous birth. There will be the next birth. There is no need to ask for scientific evidence. This is because, by the time it is scientifically proved, you have had four or five births and may have led a full life cycle each time. It is a wasted opportunity. 

The is no need to perform elaborate religious rituals and pilgrimages. Just zoom out and believe that everything is because of some predisposition. All relations we have during this lifetime are because of one simple and a single thing: To settle the karmic balance.

When we understand the simple fact, we orient differently and change our behavior. Expectations of our relationships change automatically. 

Imagine you come across the someone:

  • During one-hour flight travel
  • A twelve-hour train journey.
  • A three-day cruise journey. 
  • At your neighbourhood. 
  • At your workplace. 
  • Or in your family. 

The duration of the journey determines the kind of relationship you maintain with that person. 

In case of a flight journey, you may not even want to talk to the person next to you. If it is a train journey, you may pick-up a quarrel even for a little reason. At your workplace, you want to be extra patient. Why? Because you know. You may have to deal with the same person for a much longer period.

Zoom in: You will become microscopic and nitpicking. You start developing multiple expectations. Zoom-out: Your vision becomes broader, and you will focus more on tomorrow. The vision is different with a naked eye, a microscope, telescope, and with a satellite lens. See it once with a satellite lens. You will realize that you will meet the same people in your next birth also in case you leave the karmic account unsettled. Of course, seeing with a satellite lens and getting adjusted to the view might take some time. It takes effort and practice. But the light will surely emerge.

There is no need to believe in God or any particular religion.

Lord Sri Krishna told the same thing. Saibaba said the same. Gautama Buddha said the same. Adi Shankaracharya said the same. Do what you are supposed to do and continue to be detached from the outcome. Some people have manipulated and distorted the original message. 

Now comes the question: If both God and the previous birth existed, why did God wipe all the memories of the past? We may use it to plan better. Well, it may not be. Most people misuse the knowledge and try to settle the score themselves. It is a blindfolded game, and it is best left that way. Be assured that there is a scoreboard a ledger, and the persons managing them are very diligent and judicious.

Are you torturing someone or harming someone? Be watchful. You will get an insta-karma debit. Is someone hurting you? The same outcome. How soon is “insta”? Maybe a year or two. It depends on the intensity of damage inflicted on the other person and the previous karmic ledger position. Indeed it hits back during this lifetime.

Are you helping someone? You are either building a Karmic credit or settling past due. Be assured.

Conditioning your brain for Karmic balance accumulation will greatly improve your relations and credibility. Once the idea syncs-in, there will be very few ruptures, pre-mature breaks in relations. In the long term , term the compassion sets in and bonding will be deepened. This is what is missing in most corporate cultures today. 

Feel the Karmic balance and make efforts to accumulate a credit balance. When you can be selfless and earn money to leave a legacy, you can be a bit selfish and create some karmic treasures for your next birth. It doesn’t cost anything. When you practice spiritual leadership and compassion, the account keeps getting credited every second. 

Best Wishes


Note: There is enough material available on the internet on reincarnations. Look up “Past life regression” , “reincarnations”

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